In this blog, we have shed some light on the five best security services options that almost many security companies offer across Victoria. If you are new and thinking of hiring security guards for the first time, this post is for you and consists of very useful information. So please read the five best security options below:

1. Control Room Operator

Control room operators work in the control rooms of large businesses/corporations, where they monitor all the operations of the business/corporation to ensure everything is running smoothly and normally. Safezone’s control room operators are equipped with the skills to tackle issues quickly and efficiently ensuring needed measures and policies are met.

2. Concierge/ Lobby Security Service

Concierge & lobby security service is an essential part for customers. The lobby area of any company is one of the most important places where you show off an excellent impression to your guests and clients. Therefore, your lobby area should be adequately secure and look professional from all angles. Safezone Security offers professional staff for concierge & Lobby security services to small as well as large businesses Victoria-wide.

3. Construction Site Security

Construction sites are full of expensive materials and machinery. Therefore, there is always a risk to expensive materials and machinery. It is highly recommended to safeguard the machinery and expensive staff from criminals. Therefore, Safezone Security offers construction site security around Melbourne to deter machinery theft and any damage from construction workers. Our security service for Melbourne construction sites is available throughout the week, 24/7.

4. Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol security is a cost-effective security service compared to static security guards. The cost is considerably less, and it is also advantageous. Moreover, mobile security refers to Specialized and professional guards driving security patrol vehicles around Melbourne. The vehicles usually have

  • fire extinguishers,
  • emergency treatment kits,
  • spotlights,
  • jumper cables,
  • two-way radios,
  • and other security equipment.

Their crucial roles include but are not limited to patrolling the sites, inspecting the areas, monitoring, preventing loss, and calling to police or emergency services if needed.

5. Loss prevention Officer

Loss prevention   officers primarily work in retail businesses and stand at entry and exit points. They prevent theft and robber from stealing anything from the shops. Their role is valuable in ensuring customers, staff, and overall business/store security and safety. We offer loss prevention officers across Victoria at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our LPO’S.

Safezone Security is a best security company in Melbourne and is dedicated to delivering private security guards services with high levels of excellence and professionalism. The safety and security of individuals and their possessions are our highest priority. With our hands-on approach to finding security solutions for each of our clients, we are sure to deliver results and high-quality private security services across Victoria at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a security guard in Melbourne or if you are looking to hire a security guard in Melbourne, then Safezone Security is the right place for you. Safezone Helps businesses in providing event security, construction site security, hospital security, sports event security etc.

Not only that we provide highly valuable security services in Melbourne, but we also offer value for money and peace of mind.


For our professional and quality security services, contact Safezone Security Services today.

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