Safezone security services

We provide reliable, professional and affordable security in Melbourne

Safezone security services

We provide highly trained and professional security guards across Victoria at fair prices

Safezone security services

Your first choice when it comes to the safety of your assets and your business.


Safezone Security Services (SSS) Pyt Ltd is 100% Australian, family owned business, our aim is to provide professional, reliable and fully insured security guards across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

At Safezone SS we are redefining the security industry providing effective management of physical security through the careful protection of asset critically, structured communications and integrated technical measures as required. Whether you need is for individual, corporate large event security or anywhere in between, our private security company provides professional, high value service like no other based on three principles:

  • Service excellence
  • A happy, motivated and disciplined security guard workforce
  • Technological innovations

Safezone Security is a trendsetter and undeniable leader in the security service quality. This growth is also being brought by the founder’s ultimate competence and determination in managing a security business providing private protection and security services for companies, families, events, institutions with international standards:

  • Quality management system
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Environmental Management

As a corporate, we always strive to seamlessly integrate with our clients’ vision as we believe that once we are engaged, we part of their team. With our team, we can provide you high quality accomplishments through our determination in providing our clients the best security service the industry can offer. I invite you to be part of our inspiring journey.

Our Services

Providing the highest standards of service delivery, training and manpower development, Safezone Security drive a standard of quality and service delivery that not only us as a company can be proud of, but you as a client should demand. Make the move, get sound and secure advice today!.

Private Security Guards

Our security guards are ideal when you want a physical presence to protect your home or business or enforce procedure within commercial activities. Our core values are integrity, discipline and excellence.
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Mobile Patrol Security

Our mobile patrol solution is a cost-effective way of providing your premises with security checks, alarm response and staff escorts.
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Loss Prevention Officer

With an intense increase in theft and robbery in the country, Safezone considered providing loss prevention officers with extensive experience in retail security .
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Construction Site Security

Construction sites are a high target for theft due to the expensive tools, machinery, and access to raw materials on-site.
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Concierge Security & Customer Services

We pride ourselves in providing a full range of security management services and committed to endlessly improve the content and quality.
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Control Room Operator

Safezone Security’s contracted control room is manned 24/7 with our team monitoring all aspects of security systems, including closed-circuits.
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  • Vision

To provide protection and security for people and their assets while providing excellent customer service.

  • Cost-effective

We’re more concerned with your security than high price tags, making our services affordable, and cost-effective.

  • /Integrity

We perform stringent background checks on all our guards before hiring and provide outstanding service that stems from experience.

  • NQuality

Our highly trained security guards all possess skill sets desirable to the industry. When you work with us, you’re getting quality security and customer service.

  • ~Safety

Protecting you and your assets is our highest priority. We also encourage ongoing learning for our entire team, continually updating and refreshing their industry-related knowledge and skills.

  • Professionalism

Next to safety, professionalism is at the heart of everything we do. We value our customers and strive to provide the best possible service.