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 Construction Site Security in Melbourne: 

At Safezone Security Services, we have been providing construction site Security in Melbourne for more than five years. We know that Melbourne construction sites are a high target for theft due to the expensive tools, machinery, and access to raw materials on-site. Most recently, excavator thieves broke into a southeast Melbourne construction site, going for a joyride in the stolen equipment and causing damage to a medical centre fence on the corner of Beach and Stanley Street. In a separate event, on July 20th, 2022, two masked men stole $20,000 worth of copper from a building site in East Melbourne. Therefore, It is vitally important for you to hire construction site guards from a well-known and reliable security company.

Our Melbourne-based construction site security guards have the ability to safeguard any construction sites around Melbourne from all kinds of security threats and burglaries. Also, they hold White Card, a current First Aid Certificate, and an active security license. We provide them with additional training as per the construction site’s standards. Consequently, we feel confident that our security professionals can protect your yard, building, and machinery. Not only that but also, our security professionals ensure you a threat-free environment by safeguarding your construction site with our cutting-edge security solutions such as:

  • Processes implementation and enforcement
  • Security solution proposals
  • Large-scale project security
  • High-value asset protection


How our Security Guards Help you in Protecting Sites:

Our security guards make sure no unauthorized person enters the construction site. They also evaluate the security threats and act swiftly in a professional manner. Their strong security presence doesn’t allow someone to damage or vandalize any equipment from your construction sites. Besides, they patrol the site regularly, check all the perimeters, and ensure everything on the site is safe and secure.

We take care of our client’s construction sites comprehensively and provide complete security solutions for your sites across Melbourne & regional Victoria. So if you are planning new construction projects, consider hiring affordable security guards from Safezone Security. In addition, even if your security requirements are complex, our professional security officers will still create a safer environment from the start to the successful completion of your project.

Finally, our management team is always ready to offer support 24 hours a day throughout the week. To get a tailored solution for all your construction site security needs, please contact us anytime, and get an affordable price as well as a piece of mind.


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