Importance of hiring security guards for construction sites:

Melbourne construction sites are among the most targeted businesses, and bad actors target these sites to access valuable materials and equipment. With the current technology, many builders prefer CCTVs to physical security guards, and unfortunately, they often end up paying hefty costs when breakages occur. These devices only record the crime, unlike physical security guards trained to prevent the crime from being perpetrated. 

If you are a construction site builder or developer of any of your sites, your responsibility is to keep construction materials and people safe.

Hiring construction site guards from affordable security companies such as Safezone Security is one of the most effective disincentives to the kinds of crimes on any of the working sites. Therefore keep your valuable items/ assets safe by hiring professional guards who can secure your large construction sites in Melbourne. The following are the reasons why you should hire construction site security guards in Melbourne. 

To deter theft :

Most of the time, there are a range of valuable equipment and tools are kept on a construction site, for example, specified machinery, construction trailers, and other basic construction tools. Bringing these tools to another location for storage after each working day can be impractical. Therefore, they’re usually kept on the premises, where they are prone to theft.

Also, basic tools containing valuable elements like copper can be sold for high prices, making construction sites prime targets for thievesAdditionally, construction projects that have reached the final stages may have valuable fixtures and other finishes. 

Safezone Security’s construction site security guards can deter thieves both actively and passively. With a visible security presence on the site, potential thieves will look for an easier target. Additionally, those who may try to break into the site will be stopped & police can be called immediately. 

Reduces liabilities :

Hiring construction site security in Melbourne is an effective solution for costly liabilities. If an individual on a construction site sustains injuries on the construction site, then the builder could be responsible for the resulting injuries. For example, a worker can sue a builder by saying he didn’t provide a safe working environment, which is why he got injured. He further can claim financial benefits from builders.

Our security guards are experts and can monitor the site; thus they can prevent such incidents by highlighting the hazards before anything happens. At Safezone Security, our security guards are very well trained and experts in assessing the risk and quickly applying the procedure to reduce or mitigate these risks. They can quickly report to management to take further action.

Control unauthorised access to the premises:

A construction site is a busy place where many workers enter and exit—construction workers, vendors, contractors, inspectors, and other individuals. Controlling the access can be quite challenging, especially when dealing with a site with multiple entrances. 

 Our security officers can track who should be on the site and who shouldn’t be. They can prevent an unauthorized individual from accessing the site. Additionally, they are able to control conditions from escalating when individuals are denied access to the site and get aggressive. We regularly teach and train our security guards to cope with this situation when someone tries to get access while he is not authorized to get access. So it is a very easy job for our trained & tested security guards.  

To ensure the site is safe & Secure:

Apart from just keeping the construction site secure, security guards have an important role in ensuring the safety of everyone in the area next to the health & safety officer. Safezone Security’s security guards are trained in first aid and can provide life-saving assistance to those injured on the construction site on time.

Additionally, construction site security guards can serve as witnesses when someone is injured on the construction site, protecting the management in a lawsuit event or other legal matters. 

Our security guards are specialized in protecting sites and are trained to detect potential safety hazards. This way, they can spot these issues before causing injury or damage to anyone.

 The bottom line:

 Safe zones security service provides visual scrutiny on the premises and prevents the theft of valuable assets in the construction sites. With that in mind, hiring a team of professional security guards from Safezone security in Melbourne is not something to overlook.

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