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If you lost your security license, then don’t worry:

The writing of this blog post is to take your stress off if you, for any reason, lost your private security licenseWe realize that performing security guard activities can be very challenging for security guards. There are many challenges a security person faces, such as reaching work on time, traffic issues, family commitments, and so on. In a busy life, if anyone loses their private security license, then how to get your license as soon as possible.


If a security guard lost his private security license and went to work, he might be in big trouble when someone approaches him, and he can’t show his license as proof. So we thought of getting some information and passing it on to security guards to get their licenses as soon as possible.


How to apply for a lost security licence:


First of all, please download a duplicate application form from the below link:

Application-for-a-Duplicate-Licence-Registration-and-Approval_Feb-2014.pdf (


Secondly, after you download the form, fill in all the detail correctly. Filling out the lost security services license application will take five minutes. 


Thirdly, email this form to the private security Licensing & Regulation department.

Now, it is pretty different than applying for a new license and waiting a month or so to obtain your private security license to perform your security activities in Victoria. You will get your payment notice in three to four days. Then you can go to license photo point locations for a photograph for your private security license. Furthermore, you can submit the fee online, or you can go to a bank and submit your fee there. The roughly duplicate license fee is $44.60. once you have done that task, you will receive your license in about three to four days. So the process is very quick. Just in one week, you will get your new licence.


I hope this information will be beneficial for you or someone who has lost their private security services license, and you can pass this on to him/her.


About Safezone:


Safezone security is a private security company in Melbourne that offers professional & expert security services across Victoria. Please visit our home page to know more about our private security services in Melbourne and Victoria. We are a professional private security provider across Victoria. If you would like to discuss or want to know more about how we operate, please contact our support team.

Thank you for your time.


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