Free infection control training: improve your Skills for upcoming opportunities

The Importance of Infection control training: 

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and businesses are re-opening after such hard and long lockdowns. The potential risk of spreading Covid-19 is also hanging on the heads. As the lockdown restrictions are eased, many people will be walking freely and there will be no restrictions, so the chances of Covid-19 transmissions are quite high. In these circumstances, it is immensely important for security companies in Melbourne to take the next step to provide government-funded free training courses to their employees. 

Security guards around Melbourne play an essential role when it comes to enforcing covid-19 guidelines and keeping businesses safe and more secure. Suppose security guard companies in Melbourne advise their employees to take advantage of this free infection control training course. In that case, the employees will be equipped with the knowledge and incredible skills to stop Covid-19 and other similar infectious diseases from spreading further. 

Which Institute offer these course: 

Victorian TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations offer free short accredited training courses (Skill Sets). 


  • To help security staff to understand how to administer and implement infection control measures as well as policies
  • The business will be able to re-open more safely as security guards are not only vaccinated but are holding accredited training from government institutions.
  • The outbreak of coronavirus will be well controlled.

Furthermore, the course is scheduled for online learning as well as in-class workplace-based assessment. This course consists of 30 contact hours.

Moreover, information about this infection control training course is available on the website link below: 

Please click the link below

As described above, this will help increase security guards’ confidence, and they will be able to follow & understand additional precautions to prevent this virus from spreading further, thus creating a safer environment for the community to re-engage with businesses across Victoria. Not only that, but also the covid-19 marshal security staff will swiftly identify infection hazards and assess the risks and will be able to elevate and mitigate the risk as soon as possible.

At Safezone Security services, we are committed to offering businesses a safer environment as our security officers in Melbourne are fully vaccinated and have completed infection control training. We keep monitoring and offer the best training and guidance to our security services staff so that they perform well above the required criteria when businesses hire a security guard in Melbourne from Safzone SS. Because we keep our security guard’s standards high by providing them training and improving their skills; therefore we get positive feedback from our clients.

So if you are searching for a security company in Melbourne, Safezone security is the right place. Our Melbourne-based security guards are equipped with not only security industry skills but also experts in controlling the outbreak of coronavirus ( Covid-19). 

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